Website Updates

29 Oct 2014

As I’m sure you have noticed there have been a few updates to the website recently. So far this has been limited to a change in domain name and a rework of the blogging section so we can keep you more informed. We’re planning on reworking the whole website to make it more interactive so you can find all the information you need (and hopefully more) relatively easily. Please bear with us in the interim period as there will be a few bugs along the way!

If you have any suggestions and what you think would be useful for the site please feel free to send an email to Many thanks!

We’re Adding Exercises To Our Website

27 Oct 2014

We are currently updating our website and we’ll be adding a dedicated section to exercises. This will include a variety of stretches and exercises to help provide insight to what is necessary to strengthen and stretch different areas of the body.

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How Did The Paralysed Man Walk Again?

24 Oct 2014

In the news over the past few weeks has been the story of Darek Fidyka who is now able to walk with an aid after previously been paralysed from the chest down. So, how has this been possible?

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Cooling Gels and Their Effects

23 Oct 2014

We’ve recently started using BioFreeze in the clinic, which is a cooling gel that aims to reduce musculoskeletal pain. But how does it acheive this if it is just a gel?

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New Sports Therapist Joins The Clinic!

13 May 2014

We have a new sports therapist who has joined the clinic! Chris Ibbeson is a fully qualified sports therapist who has previously worked with Exeter City FC and has been doing mobile sports therapy for a while now. Chris is joining the clinic on Monday evenings at present and increasing to more evenings in the near future. If you wish to contact Chris give him a call on 07581 397705 and book an appointment.

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