Blame and Claim

12 Jan 2012

Claims for injuries such as whiplash may be increasing but proper diagnosis and treatment would also help bring down insurance costs says the British Chiropractic Association.

A recent report by a House of Commons Select Committee, stating that the cost of car insurance could be dramatically cut if the government took action to place restrictions on whiplash claims, comes amidst a growing sense of a compensation culture without limits. Indeed, a survey by LV= car insurance that found up to 60 per cent of GPs reported a rise in patients attempting to make fraudulent claims for road injuries in the past two years.

However, many people who are involved in road accidents do suffer genuine problems and the British Chiropractic Association is also calling for better diagnosis and patient management of these types of accident injury.

As regulated professionals, chiropractors are well placed to provide a diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems arising from car accidents, providing timely and effective patient management. This not only gets patients back to normal as quickly as possible, but can also save on overall treatment costs, thus reducing the overall cost to the insurers.

A recent study* showed that show that chiropractic management of these kinds of injuries could improve pain management and the regaining of movement.

BCA Chiropractor, Matthew Bennett commented, “Chiropractic can be a key tool in the proper diagnosis and patient management for typical minor crash injuries affecting the neck and back. Chiropractors in the UK treat many hundreds of thousands of people each year for neck and back pain, often arising from accident injury. Timely and effective care, such as that provided by chiropractors can not only get the patient back to normal as quickly as possible, but also potentially reduce the number of treatment visits required and, consequently, the overall cost to the insurance industry.”

“Whilst Parliament looks at ways to reduce an escalating burden to the insurance industry, the British Chiropractic Association urges insurance companies to also review all the processes involved with managing accident injury claims, as there are opportunities to greatly improve the situation for them and their customers.”

* A Systematic Review of Chiropractic Management of Whiplash Associated Disorders: Recommendations for Advancing Evidence-Based Practice and Research, Shaw L, Descarreaux M, Bryans R et al, Work 2010; 35: 369-394.

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