Cooling Gels and Their Effects

23 Oct 2014

We’ve recently started using BioFreeze in the clinic, which is a cooling gel that aims to reduce musculoskeletal pain. But how does it acheive this if it is just a gel?

Topical analgesics such as BioFreeze work based on the “gate control theory of pain”. The sensation that is created by the cooling gel on the skin is thought to override the pain signals that are sent to the brain. All this leads to less pain being felt around the area. This, of course, is both a positive thing and a negative thing. Pain is an important signal that indicates a problem is present within the body, therefore it needs to be taken into account that simply by using the gel does not mean that the problem has been cured. However, the cooling gel will provide temporary pain relief, which in turn may allow the patient more mobility and hopefully a quicker recovery period.

A research study in 2008 showed that the use of chiropractic manipulation with biofreeze produced a significant reduction in acute lower back pain ( So, that is why we use BioFreeze within the clinic and how it may help you as well! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

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