Couch Potato Kids

25 Jul 2012

A recent survey carried out by Mintel underlines similar findings by the British Chiropractic Association regarding children and back pain. The couch potato lifestyle is having an impact on the nation’s children.

A survey carried out by Mintel and released this week found, amongst other things, that as many as one in three young adults are suffering from back pain. This high incidence highlighted by the Mintel survey is alarming but the figures come as no surprise to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) who carried their own survey back in 2008 which revealed that 45% of children had already suffered some kind of back pain by the time they were 11.

The BCA also looked at some of the reasons behind the figures, discovering that 45% of 6 to 15 year olds admit to spending the majority of their school holidays playing computer games or watching TV. In the BCA survey, 8 to 9 year olds spent the least amount of time playing sports a week and nearly a tenth admitted they didn’t do any sport at all!

The earlier survey also found that the daily school routine can take its toll, with 72% of the nation’s school children carrying around heavy books and sports equipment all day on their backs, which the BCA labels as the ‘snail’ effect, where children carry their lives on their back.

Tim Hutchful from The British Chiropractic Association comments: “With children as young as six now complaining from back pain, this latest Mintel survey, along with our own work over the past 5 years clearly highlights the alarming rate at which back pain is growing within the UK for people of all ages. There are simple steps parents can take such as checking that children aren’t carrying around unnecessary items in their bags and encouraging them to use a rucksack worn correctly on both shoulders.”

Tim continues: “But we are in no doubt that lack of exercise is children’s number one enemy. The school summer holiday provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and do something active.”

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