Headaches are seen as a common occurrence in daily life and that we have to just put up with them, however, this is not always the case. There are many types of headaches and research shows chiropractors can have beneficial effects to both migraines and cervicogenic (arising from the neck) headaches. It is important to determine the ‘type’ of headache to try and reduce the frequency and intensity of headache through treatment and advice. Below are headaches that chiropractic has been shown to successfully treat:

Cervicogenic Headaches [+]

Cervicogenic headaches are classified by pain in the head that is referred from the neck and shoulders. The most common injuries that cause this referred pain are irritated neck joints and/or tight muscles. This is most common in but not exclusive to people who do a lot of desk work. Other reasons this may occur is due to poor posture, prolonged periods of stress, and even poor sleeping habits. Conservative treatment can help tremendously with reducing the frequency and intensity of the headaches.

Migraines [+]

Migraines are classed as a chronic neurological disorder characterised by recurrent moderate to severe headaches. They are often associated with an ‘aura’ where a person may feel symptoms such as sickness, sensitivity to light, sound or smell. The exact mechanism of a migraine is not known but is thought to impact the central nervous system. There is no one particular cause of a migraine and can range from periods of stress to eating chocolate.

One thing that has been shown, however, is that chiropractic treatment can be helpful in managing the symptoms of a migraine. Research has shown that treatment can reduce the frequency and intensity of the headaches.

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