Keeping Fit And Festive This Christmas

14 Dec 2010

The festive period is as frenetic as ever and, as the 25th December approaches, many of us will be pushing our bodies to the limit. The British Chiropractic Association has health tips for the busy season.

The festive period can cause us problems, according to BCA Chiropractor, Tim Hutchful, “The Christmas period is a key time when people tend to experience pain or discomfort. Not only are people out of their usual routines, but they are also rushing around, often stressed and tired. At times like this, it takes only one shopping bag too many or a wobble on a high heel at a party to trigger a problem with your back.”

Tim continues, “Even if the pain is slight, people are so busy at this time that they gloss over it, risking making it worse. It is important that people acknowledge their pain to avoid it developing into something more serious.”

Top Tips for a Healthy and Happy Christmas break:


  • Possibly the most physically demanding task of the season, bustling through the crowds with heavy bags of presents. Try to think ahead and take a backpack to ease the load as this will distribute the weight evenly across your back. Ensure you remain hydrated, wear flat shoes rather than heels to protect your back and knees and, if possible, avoid shopping for the larger, heavier items at the start of your trip as this gives you the chance to ‘warm up’ before taking on the more challenging items.


  • Tempting as it may be to sprawl presents and paper on the floor for wrapping, avoid risking back strain and work at a waist height table.

Tree and Decorations

  • Even a small tree can be heavy, so take care when loading it into the car or carrying it around. When lifting, avoid bending at the waist – always lift with legs at least a hips width apart and knees bent. Avoid stretching and leaning to apply the decorations – use a step ladder to safely reach the taller spots.


  • Many people travel long distances to spend the holidays with loved ones, so make sure you consider your comfort and safety if confined to a car, plane or train seat. Position yourself so your back is straight and supported also, remain hydrated. If possible, take regular breaks from to have a walk around which will loosen up your muscles and encourage circulation.

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