Kinesiotaping Now Available

10 Jun 2013

We are now offering kinesiotaping for sports injuries, postural control, and for general symptom reduction. Kinesiotaping is used by a variety of sports people/teams including but not exclusive to: Gareth Bale, David Beckham, Bradley Wiggins, Paula Radcliffe, the Garmin cycling team, Rosi Sexton, and many more. Kinesiotaping is not just limited to sports, it can also be used along with other treatment modalities to aid in symptom reduction and can be used to act as a reminder for the person to maintain a correct posture.

The following excerpt is taken from the Rocktape UK website and explains the proposed theory on how kinesiotaping works:

When RockTape is applied with little or no stretch on the tape but lots of stretch on the tissue it causes the skin to form convulsions and wrinkle. This creates a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism that decompresses the tissue just under the skin. It is believed that this decompression and having tape on our skin creates 3 main effects:

• Fluid Effect: By causing decompression the tape promotes a more normal fluid dynamic in the taped area. Swelling is better able to flow out of the area, taking with it toxins which result from inflammation and injury. Also blood has less resistance to enter the area bringing with it more oxygen and nutrients vital for healing and recovery. This fluid effect is probably behind the dramatic improvement in swollen and bruised tissue that is often seen when Rocktape is applied.

• Mechanical Effect: As pressure on the vertical layer cake of tissue between skin and bone is reduced more normal slide and glide mechanics between the layers of tissue is restored. It is likely that this is the mechanism that can make someone who can only bend as far as their knees touch their toes in an instant!

• Neurological Effect: A lot of pain generated by movement or muscle contraction is generated by nerve endings in the space between the skin and muscle. As tape decompresses this space there is less pressure on these nerve endings so is reduced or stopped completely at its source. Having elastic tape stuck to your skin is also believed to stimulate receptors within the skin called Mechanoreceptors. These receptors play a part in our movement awareness, or what therapists call Proprioception. Many therapists believe that one of the main effects of applying ROCKTAPE is to improve our Proprioception, which can both decrease pain and improve the way we move.

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