More Website Updates!

19 Nov 2014

Another post that is slightly off topic, however, I’m writing it anyway! We’ve got more website updates coming over the next month or so that include the exercise section of the website and potentially an animated video!

These are going to include the exercises section of the website, which is due to go up next week. All is drafted and ready to be put live (as you can see from the sample image) but there needs to be one more thorough read through. Once it’s up feel free to use the section as much as you please. If you are going to try new exercises though make sure you talk to your chiropractor beforehand. Although most exercises will be fine, it all depends on the individual!

Also, we’re planning on getting a video made for the website that explains what we do at the clinic that hopefully(!) gives insight within 60 seconds. Any feedback on any of the above or in general is greatly appreciated so feel free to send us an email.

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