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Chiropractic treatment is not just limited to the spine and is able to treat a range of different complaints. If you are unsure whether a chiropractor can help then please email on info@exechiropractic.co.uk and a chiropractor will get back to you. Below are a few other complaints that have been shown to be treated effectively by chiropractic treatment:

Cerviogenic dizziness [+]

Also known as cervicogenic vertigo

Like headaches, dizziness is a symptom of an underlying problem. Temporary dizziness can occur from low blood pressure, whereas more continuous dizziness occurs due to a problem in either the ears, eyes, or neck.

Cervicogenic dizziness, also known as cervicogenic vertigo, is characterized as dizziness caused by irritated (trapped) nerves at the top of the neck. Current research shows that chiropractic treatment has favourable results when treating people with cervicogenic dizziness.

It is important to realise that dizziness is a symptom and not a problem itself. The cause of the dizziness must first be identified in order for it to be treated effectively.

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