Rugby Fever?

01 Mar 2012

The British Chiropractic Association provides tips for taking care of your back as the 2012 series draws to an exciting close.

Rugby is one of the fastest moving, hardest hitting sports in the world with participants needing to be at the top of physical fitness to help avoid injury but, even if you’re just planning to take in the action from the comfort of your couch, your back could be at risk if you don’t shape up your posture.

Rishi Loatey, British Chiropractic Association (BCA) chiropractor, explains: “The nation already suffers the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle but, during televised sporting events like the Six Nations, people tend to spend even more time in sedentary postures, whether that be gazing at widescreen TVs in pubs and clubs or in the comfort of their living room. Lack of exercise is our worst enemy and sitting for prolonged periods of time puts almost twice as much pressure on the back than when standing.”

Maintain optimum posture with the following advice from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA):

Sit properly, rather than slumping on the sofa

  • Relax and sit right back into the seat, with shoulder blades touching the back of the chair/sofa and make sure your feet touch the floor; ideally, hips should ideally be higher than the knees.
  • A simple stretch can help relieve built-up tension in the lower back after being seated for a long time. Stand up and move around every twenty minutes (or less often if there is plenty of scoring!); just stretch and shake out your limbs to allow the muscles to relax.

Standing tall

  • If watching the game at a bar with a rail or a foot rest, rest one foot on it to take the pressure off the back and alternate which leg you stand on.
  • Pull your tummy in to support the lower back, as this reinforces the core and prevents that aching feeling in the lower back caused by prolonged periods of standing.

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